Jan 6 (noon) - Jan 27 (noon)

We invite you to join us in a time of fasting and prayer at the beginning of the new year that will set the course for the rest of the year. We will begin following our Sunday morning service on January 6, 2019. Our time of fasting will conclude following our Sunday morning service on January 27, 2019.

This year, we are encouraging each person to consider breaking up the 21 days into three 7 day segments. As you do, prayerfully consider "fasting" or "going without" something specific during those seven days. Whatever it is you decide upon should be something that "going without" will provide you with time to use in drawing closer to Christ in prayer, Bible reading, and fellowship with the body of Christ. Of course, whatever you ultimately decide upon is between you and the Lord. Ask Him. Listen for His voice. Obey.

Think of it as choosing to go without something that matters to you...so you can purposely seek after what ultimately matters the most!

During our time of fasting we will meet together for times of prayer, times of encouragement, along with additional times of fun and fellowship that will aid in making these twenty-one-days impactful and enjoyable.

Helpful Resources:

We believe you will find the following links beneficial as you plan and participate in this year's "21 Days of Hunger" Fast. Be sure and check back from time to time as we will endeavor to regularly update this list.



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"21 DAYS OF HUNGER" Sermon Notes

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